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Default Re: Joe Walsh - The truth about music

While I agree with the comments about formulaic, over-produced, programmed music, but that's very much a glass half empty point of view.

Joe Walsh's comments about there being no money left in music...well, cry me a river. If that means no more corporate-sponsored stadium concerts, I won't feel a huge loss.

Between youtube and music recording apps and inexpensive software, production of music (like production of movies and written works) has become democratised. That means that talented individuals can reach wide audiences without the support of record labels.

Years ago I messed around with a Fostex 4 track recorder. It was a fairly expensive (to me) piece of kit that after lots of work produced the audio equivalent of a rough sketch. The same things that JW was complaining about make it possible for teenage versions of me to create digital copies of their music that are in better quality and easier to share than ever before.
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