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Default Re: Joe Walsh- The truth about nusic

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
Kind of a bummer to listen to but he has a strong point to make...
I don't understand what the 'bummer' here is. Or why anyone would think he's just being a grump? He's telling the truth. I've even supplemented my so-called 'career in music' by jumping through the MIDI hoops and doing stuff myself. But I've been in enough situations (professional and otherwise) that the mojo he's talking about is real - and it lacks today among the precision crafting of standardized music being produced for mass consumption.

I've always said (and have heard this from others) that your career in music is totally linked to how much beer you sell. And there are just too many variables out there (and too many people trying) that not everybody can be themselves and make a living doing it.

All you can do is the best you can do and keep plugging away. Remember that older guys in the 70s were complaining how much the industry had changed from the time they started. It's no different today.
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