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Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
You might have a bad head. I ran into quite a few (new) G2 clear and coated Evans heads that were dead. If the head is dead, it doesn't matter how good a drum tuner you are, it's just going to sound very lifeless in comparison to a head that was properly manufactured. I would give that 12" drum another chance by taking the tension down to nothing, re-seating the head and start the tensioning process again. I must have taken three or four heads back to the Five Star shop where I bought them and I have another two that has to go back.

I'll just have to note that if you are using the new Level360 heads, you are not supposed to stretch them like conventional heads. There is no need to "force seat" them and in fact, you can ruin them using the conventional seating methods of old.

Kinda hard to believe you find that many Evans duds. I've been using Evans heads since 2001 and I've never had ONE bad head and I've bought heads all over the country in shops and online. The only time I see "dead" heads that don't have obvious manufacturing defects, is when people don't properly seat them and the head is literally floating above the bearing edge.
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