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Default Re: I Need Ludwig Help - Anyone?

Originally Posted by drummerboyfitz View Post
1. The tom mounting rail is located directly over the badge on the bass drum, instead of offset.

2. There is no lug/mount for the cymbal 'L' arm.
Could well have been someone ordered that drum as a virgin. Added the consolette after the drum arrived. Placed it where he wanted it, as opposed to where the factory normally puts 'em. Check the Blue Note double bass kit. No tom mounts. The shell mounted cymbal holders are $6.50 each. So you save that, if you don't order it.
Originally Posted by drummerboyfitz View Post
Also, the badge on the bass drum shell is dead center on top instead of being more forward (like it should be). ????? HELP ME PLEASE!!!
And the badges are centered. It wasn't until 63/64 or so, that Ludwig started with the off-set vent hole. Closer to the reso on the kick ..... and more towards the batter head on the toms.
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