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Default Re: g2/g1 combo

a g2/g2 may sound too dead (At least for me)

What i typically do is tune my reso head about 1/2 turn higher than however many turns i give my bater. But i'm looking for a good bit of a resonance.

you said you don't want much resonance, so try to tune it a full turn higher than your batter, that may give you a nice high pitched tom attack with not much sustain. Or tune lower, get a nice thump and still less resonance.

Tuning your toms correctly is a VERY tricky task, but once you finally get it right, make note of it and you'll have it forever

Good luck to you sir!

Edit: Also, don't subject yourself to one company. You can always try the Remo / Aquarian equivalent just to see how they sound for you. i know the g2/ g1 combo is the same as the emp / ambo combination, but some will swear by evans' setup, and others by Remo's
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