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Default Re: My Alesis DM10/Zildjian Gen 16 electronic kit

Thanks, toddmc! The metal cymbals are definitely a big step up from rubber pads, a much better bounce and you're able to play realistic cymbal swells and choke them, something that's not very convincing on lower end modules, though I believe the $4000 high end stuff is really good.

There's a DSP processor that comes with the set, BacteriumFenderYoke. It powers the microphones that capture the sound.

audiotech, apparently there were issues with structural integrity of the cymbals early on, but I believe Zildjian has improved the alloy and taken note of other issues with respect to durability. I think there's a lot of stuff that doesn't survive the beatings at GC! That said, I play these like I play with my e-kit: with passion and a modicum of restraint. Wouldn't trust anyone else to do that with them!

The Zildjians seem to be gaining traction with a lot of electronic drummers. The hi-hat is the best part of the kit, works just like a real hi-hat set, so a huge jump over most of the hats you'll find on electronic kits. A lot of people say that alone is the price of admission, but I feel there's a lot of stuff in the kit that should be as nice...

Acoustically, the ride and crash sound good, but there seems to be scope for improvement when things are digitised: they don't sound 100% on recordings with the stock microphones. My recording skills suck too, but that's another issue altogether. There are also issues with feedback if volumes are really high, so unusable in a high octane stage situation.

But turns out they've now developed a new kind of microphone called a direct source pickup. Completely isolated which helps with DSP processing and also eliminates the feedback issue. Some pretty good videos and I would love to make the upgrade, but since I just got these and I don't have a recording deadline, happy to fool around for the time being :)

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