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[quote=Deathmetalconga;1138376]Wow! Beautiful! I don't often see mahogany in staves.

If I can overcome my security locks at work, cant get my photo links anymore. But I am nearing the halfway mark building a stave kit out of 110 year old antique North American Mahogany. Shallow shell toms, 10X7/ 12X7.25/ 14X7.5 and a 15X12 racked floor. I steam bent maple reinforcing rings and am in process of doing an inlaid 3/4" Olive Ash Burl inlay around the center of each drum. Kick will be a 20X17 or 18 using modern African Mahaogany as I only had enough antique stuff to do the toms. Hopefully I can get pics up soon.
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