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Default Re: Your stick preferences and why.

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
I need a stick about 5B diameter but with a medium taper, and preferably a stretch stick. I like the Vic Firth X5B for this.

If Vic Firth made a Buddy Rich type stick with Vic Grip on it, I'd be 100% happy. As it is, I like my X5ANVGs.
You mean the X5BNVGs, don't you? Because I play the X5AN w/o the VG. Just today I bought a pair of 55As and used them for my gig this evening. They were wood tip and they were an excellent stick. The diameter of the stick is .580; right betwen a 5A and 5B diameter. The length is standard, but that's alright because my new kit has power toms and I have to angle them a little more. I think I may make this stick my main players. They just felt right!
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