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Default I Need Ludwig Help - Anyone?

I was recently gifted with a 1961 Ludwig Super Classic in Blue Oyster Pearl. Included were a set of vintage Zildjian hi-hats from '61 as well as a Supraphonic snare. I'm experiencing some confusion because the shell sizes are all correct for the kit but it is unusual in two aspects.

1. The tom mounting rail is located directly over the badge on the bass drum, instead of offset.

2. There is no lug/mount for the cymbal 'L' arm.

The shells are in near mint condition. There are no extra holes drilled in the shell or wrap. There are no filled holes in the wrap or shell. There is no indication that someone removed the items in question (or moved them). It looks like the cymbal mount was never on the shell. It looks like the tom mount has ALWAYS been where it is. My question is: What the heck do I have? Floor model? Prototype? Sales model? These are pre-serial number, keystone badge Ludwigs with a date of "APR 13 1961" stamped in red inside the bass drum shell. The interior of the toms are painted white. This kit is up to spec in every way with the exception of the tom mount and cymbal mount. Please help me identify this oddity!!!! Thank you!
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