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Default Re: Woodpecker's Balafons: Pecking Up New Percussion Instruments

Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
Very cool... I play balafon, and just recently ordered a second small one from Wula Drums. I had to re-tune it to match my big one, but I learned a lot about the tonality of the keys. My biggest problem is re-stringing it traditionally.

Yours looks very cool. Are they tuned diatonically, or pentatonically?
Yes, I bet restringing a balafon can be a bit of a job....
Initially I wanted to have something practical and easy to play on. The first tuning was: E F# G# B C#. I'm not even sure how to call this scale - e pentatonic of some sort. I've tried some diatonic scales but I guess I prefer the pentatonic ones. The traditional african balafon is pentatonic as well. There's a very intuitive aspect to playing an instrument with pentatonic tuning.
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