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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Originally Posted by brady View Post
How are you liking your flat hi-hat stand? I may get one too just to complete the flat-base look for my kit...even if isn't all Gibraltar. Since I play a Ludwig too, it wouldn't be too out of place.

After looking, I did see a few negative reviews on the Gibraltar flat-base hi-hat stand. I'm not entirely sure I want to take a risk on that one.
I only used it the night I got it at rehearsal, but I immediately noticed I really liked the feel. Also, and this could totally be my imagination, the high hat cymbals (15" 2002 SEs) seemed to sound better and be more responsive and the snare (6.5"x14" Acro Reissue) seemed to sound better with these stands.

Also, the Ludwig hi-hat stand is lighter than my Yamaha 700 series hi-hat stands, which surprised me! I recently bought a scale and plan to weigh all of my stands tonight to compare! LOL :)
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