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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Yeah, that's something I've had happen too (a few times haha!) I was completely happy with the DW's, but then Ludwig went and re-did the hardware, and well...

Hey, you might as well buy the thing you KNOW you are gonna want "eventually anyway" in the first place, if only to to save yourself money (ha!).

The tom sounds really good in that basket, but it can sound even better with those things called 'Lil Booty Shakers from TNR products. They are these foam things that sit on the basket grips, and have a band of velcro to keep them on.
FREAKIN AWESOME product. 5 STARS, 2 thumbs up and all that.
I have a couple other stands I use for my tom, and I am putting them on those as well so I don't have to switch things over.
I have Pearl suspension feet on all my FT's, and they are plenty resonant, so I don't need the FT leg version, but they do work really well too.

That's the trouble with having multiple hardware, getting the "extras" that make things work better...
I can't tell you how many times I've bought one thing to save money, only to sell it and get what I wanted anyway. I do that alot.

Now I didn't get to compare any of the DW, Gibraltar, and Ludwig flat-base stands to each other, so I can't say FOR SURE that I like the Ludwigs better. But I will say that they're a little lighter than I expected, that aerodyne tilter kicks all kinds of butt (IMO), the hi-hat feels great to me, and........... the stands look great. :) So yeah, I'm very happy!

Those little bootie shakers sure are interesting! Hmm...

I haven't really got to spend any time with the new stands since rehearsal when I got them (Tuesday.) I've been running around all week after work and haven't played a lick. But this weekend, I plan to experiment quite a bit by trying my tom in the new snare stand, trying cymbal boom arm attachments on them, hanging a tom off a stand, etc... I want to run them through the paces.

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