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Default Re: Do maple sticks reduce shock?

So I looked and looked and looked and couldn't find and slow motion videos of what happens to a drumstick when it strikes a head. I did however find this:

Yes I know it is a baseball bat, but you can still see what happens. A drumstick will act exactly the same way, just on a smaller scale. You will notice that the initial impact creates shock, and that shock travels up and down the bat numerous times, even as the machine that holds the bat allows the bat to swing. The vibration finally ceases when they are absorbed by the bat and the machine. This is actually a good video. The ball acts as the initial impact with the head, the bat acts just like a drumstick would, and the machine that holds the bat is the hand and wrist.

Before anyone says "well the bat is made of ash", ash has almost the same hardness as oak, and baseball bats are also made out of maple. Regardless, anytime a force is imparted on an object, energy is transferred to that object in the form of vibrations and motion.
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