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Default Re: Amplification equipment for using a TD11 live

Originally Posted by jspichiger View Post
The Simmons you mention is simply awesome. I live in South America and faced with the same decision I decided to import it, which was pretty expensive with shipping, duties and all.

It's worth its weight in gold. Pristina reproduction, powerful, and even cool looking.

I agree. I've only had it a couple weeks, but I'm very impressed by it.

cpl_hicks - maybe you could convince the place where you got your e-drums from to start carrying it. It's worth a try anyways.

EDIT: - oops, I'm pretty sure Simmons is a Guitar Center exclusive thing. Other than that, Roland and Yamaha make some e-drum amps. And you could always use general purpose full range speakers and roll back the lows a bit.

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