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Default Re: Do maple sticks reduce shock?

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
less shock through science

Less shock comes at a price tho. Less shock means less energy is transfered to the stick, which means less rebound.
Stick rebound and shock transfer are two different things. The rebound comes from the head, and the shock is the vibration imparted on the stick from the rebound.

While I would have to buy a pair and cut them up to be sure, there is a black plug at the butt of the stick. This plug is more than likely a rod like insert that goes partway into the stick itself. The insert is what absorbs the shock, not the stick. The stick would perform as usual, but when the vibrations (they travel as waves that start at the point of impact, the tip if you are doing it right) travel down the shaft of the stick, the insert will arrest, or capture if you will, the vibrations.

This technology is also used in baseball bats, tennis rackets, and bows (for hunting), just to name a few.
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