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Default Re: Minivan choice/preference?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
But brought me back to the Dodge caravan is the sto-and-go seating. It's only the minivan that lets you fold down the middle row and we all the 3rd row. Which for transporting music equipment, lumber, or whatever, is nice. Also nice for sleeping in on road trips.
Yep, that's a major selling point, not to mention the significantly lower price by $6k or more. One of my bandleaders just got the Dodge, and absolutely loves it. I've watched the storage situation in action, and there's no denying it would be ideal (I really don't have a place to store the extra seats.)

But the Honda & Toyota definitely ride better and the base models are less spartan inside than the Dodge (the Odyssey has Bluetooth & rear camera standard, for example.) I usually drive 50+ miles to gigs, and we also take mini-vacations, so comfort is important.

I'd like to keep this vehicle for 20 years (as I've done with my current truck) and want to make the right decision. After that, I either won't be hauling my drums around, won't be allowed to drive anymore, or will be dead (or all three) so this is my last chance to get the car-buying process right!

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