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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Glad it's worked out for ya!

Yeah, that hat stand is really nice feeling. Those smaller feet look pretty nice too. Mine has the larger feet. I have them in the "low" position, & the cymbal stand legs go over top of the HH leg.
I'll have to get a set of the smaller feet. I don't really need them, but if they fold up closer to the tube, the less chance of "something" ever happening to the legs in the case (besides, I haven't bought anything in a long time :-) )

Having the feet on the cymbals stands get the legs of the floor, and over mic cables that always are on the stage. This makes them more like regular tripod stands in that regard compared to my DW FB stands.

I've just used the A Classic snare stand to hold the tom, and the small contact points on the basket really open the drums sound (and YES! the Acro Classic is a great sounding snare!)
The only beef I have with that snare stand is that it should be a multi-angle tilt, & not just tilt in one direction. THAT part about it is a little too "Classic". Seems like a multi angled basket be a given these days too, with all the options every little piece of gear has now.

I do like the tom flat, but just a little tilt when I use this stand would be nice.
For my snare it's just not that convenient as far as leg placement either, so I use my Pearl snare stand.
The Atlas is sturdy enough, but the way it has to tilt isn't good for my use with leg placements
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