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Default Re: Minivan choice/preference?

Just went through this.

First off, the Honda and Toyota are nearly twice the price as the others. They of course get rated much higher, have better re-sale values, last longer, etc. But you pay for that upfront. Even in the used market, a used Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna can be as much a new Grand Caravan or Kia Sedona.

Which only got annoying when reading consumer reports and the like, because they all slam the Caravan and Sedona for not being as nice as the Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna, but duh, with that price difference, of course.

I would have never considered the Sedona until recently. My boss has one, and it's very nice and reliable.

But brought me back to the Dodge caravan is the sto-and-go seating. It's only the minivan that lets you fold down the middle row and we all the 3rd row. Which for transporting music equipment, lumber, or whatever, is nice. Also nice for sleeping in on road trips.

If money is no object, I'd lean toward the Honda.

Otherwise, the Dodge and Sedona were 1a and 1b for my wife and I.

We never really looked much into the Quest.
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