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Default Re: My take on the Tama Speedcobra.....

I had a Speed Cobra for about 4 months, and I traded it in.

I had the iron cobra's jr. and sr. models and really liked them, and at first I really loved the Speed Cobra but, after long bouts of playing symphonic metal (3hr. rehearsals), the foot-board got to me. I tried every adjustment possible, but could not get the right amount of speed or comfort that I got from the iron cobra's.

Then, on a whim, I tried the Yamaha 9315's (like Flying Dragons) at Samash and I was sold: clean plate is good for sliding your foot, amazing springs, bearings and housing and reinforcement (I'm a stomper). I could play that much faster, more powerful with zero fatigue. So, I got the 9315's and put the iron cobra wood beaters on them, and all I can say is wow. There is one negative with the Yamaha's and that is the drive shaft - there's about a 1/4 of give. You get used to it, but then I read about the Trick 5.0 Drive Shaft for Tama, peral, yamaha and etc. I ordered it and should get it tomorrow. It should make a great double pedal that much better.

For anyone with a Speed Cobra with buyer's remorse I recommend trying the Yamaha - even the new one.
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