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Default Re: Just a summer update

Well now that the dreaded first gig is out of the way...I'm revamping as far as my drumming goes. I'm sticking with the band if they want to do more gigs but am also looking for more like-minded musicians. Something that more suits my own musical tastes as I'm excited about that. Also the drum teacher has me working on some great new fills (showed me a Vinnie Colaiuta fill last night that could prove to be pretty fun), and I'm ready to just get back to working some basics. I'm amped to have fun and keep improving as my summer goal.

As for non-drum stuff, a group of college friends and I are getting together in Tennessee late next month so I'm really excited for that. Haven't seen some of them in 20 years or so! If weather holds, the man and I may ride our motorcycles down on the 400 mile trip.

Not much else so far, I just want it to stop raining so I can actually get out and enjoy the summer!
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