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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Originally Posted by evilg99 View Post

Congrats, that's awesome !! The stands are great and the bag is even better!
I'm gonna go get me a bag just like that at my local Home Depot for my Ludwig FB stands.

See folks, you get back what you put in on this site...

Regarding your hihat stand feet, Ludwig started using the smaller feet just on this stand because it doesn't fold up very nicely or compactly with the larger reversible feet. Try swapping yours, you'll see what I mean.

See my post #32 above. I actually bought the smaller feet for mine from my dealer , $5.

Hey Neal, I realize places carry different things, but I went by Home Depot first and couldn't find a bag over like 18". I went to Lowes and they only had a few that were 20". The stands actually measure out like 22" or so fully collapsed, but I took a chance and they fit fine (because it's a bag with some flex in it.)

I'd like to add a third Atlas Classic stand and I "think" it would fit fine, but it may be tight.

I see what you mean now by the smaller feet. I wasn't quite following ya at first. So now the hi-hats all come with these smaller feet? That's cool and a great idea! I wouldn't mind having them for the snare stand too.
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