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Default Just a summer update

Now that the school year is over here, I've got some time to recharge. In fact, it's nice that the drums have been quiet for the last couple of weeks and the usual maintenance is taking place. Heads are getting replaced, and even on my zep kit, I'm going to install that second pair of the curved spurs just to see if it actually adds to the stability of the drum.

My Zendrum has also been quiet, and I'm getting ready to re-initialize it and re-program it. I even got a bass drum trigger for it so I can utilize my foot with it, so I'm kinda' excited to see how that works out instead of only having my fingers to play it. The Slingerland kit still stands at the ready for a quick gig, but I don't have anything on my calendar planned at all through the end of July. I've done my Mouse gig a couple of times since school let out so it was nice to be actually faceless for once ;)

I started teaching for the summer with our kids in the summer program - and I have the daunting task of teaching notes and rhythms to basically musically illiterate show choir kids. I think they're excited because I'm actually teaching them some drumming stuff with sticks on the floor (we have 90 students this summer, so it's big, but not half as intense as we are during the school year).

In fact, everything is so relaxed around here, I've had time to sit around and play this tenor ukulele I've had. I even bought one of those pickups for it that I have to install so I can amplify my horrid uke playing - but I'm diggin' it. Being from Hawaii, I thought I'd tackle some of those traditional Hawaiian songs that every uke player would've learned when they were kids - but I spent most of my life detaching from whatever my family was and now that I'm older, I'm going the other way. I think mom's happy about that ;)

So I'm in relaxation and maintenance mode, and for once I'm really enjoying it. I'm still working of course, but sometimes the art stuff I do needs a break. I even requested doing the mouse gig less - if you can believe that. The last year (since September anyway) has seen big life changes and just stupid busy working conditions. I'm not burned out but a bit of a respite isn't a bad thing.

How 'bout all of you? Any vacations planned or relaxing being done? For some reason this summer, I think it's really important. I've even gone so far as to invite a majority of my family over for a barbecue over the holiday weekend - these last eight months re-connecting with immediate family has become really important to me. I got a Maui vacation planned for later in the year and I'll probably surprise the wife with a few days in Vegas just to get further away. After reading so many threads here of people blowing their brains out working on stuff and getting through the frustrations of playing, maybe a real break is in order for everybody, eh?
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