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Default Re: Do maple sticks reduce shock?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Nah, geek away at will.

If I'm understanding this correctly though (and it's certainly possible I'm not), I totally dispute the findings with respect to an oak stick. I'm reading "but being the softest it will absorb the most energy of the three" as them offering less vibrations when compared to hickory or maple, yeah?

In my experience oak promotes far more jarring vibrations through the hands than any other wood I've used. I used them for quite a while back in the 90's....right up until I decided that I just hated the feel from them due to how much unnecessary vibration I felt in my hands when compared to a hickory stick.
As I was researching and typing this I kind of had the same feelings. I too don't like oak, because it feels like the stick itself vibrates. Personally I always attributed it to the stick being heavier and how I held it. But it could also be that since it is softer, it will naturally have more flex to it. This could in turn lead to the stick itself wanting to vibrate naturally more than a harder wood. I can't speak on how the energy causes the wood itself to act, only on how science says it should transfer energy. It could also be that the stick is heavier to the point that the energy it generates is more than the wood itself can handle for it's size. There are so many factors that can come into play, the ones that were assumed for ease of explanation, I don't honestly know why oak sticks act the way they do. I agree they don't act the way a drumstick should. I will try to find more information about how specific woods act when energy is imparted on them.

Even in science, there are always exceptions.
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