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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post

Often young people use music taste to define who they are within social groups (dare I say "cliques" :). When our tastes change as we age, it's often that we discard the music we embraced more for social than sonic reasons.

As for the older generation being closed minded to new music, that HAS to happen. New generations of youth seek to define and express themselves via music, and they want music that relates to them NOW, not what was relevant to teens 30 years ago. So it's important to them to depart from the old ways, which of course means the music feels almost purpose built to irritate those of their parents' generation.
Pure wisdom there Polly. Social is nearly as important, or even more so as 'sonic', at least short term when you're 'young'. I bought Kiss Alive my 1st album and wouldn't go near the stuff a few years later (for sonic reasons)

My point was that Captain Obvious (J your new name?) and all the rest of us past 40 on here are busy making livings. This means no time to hang out and investigate new music. Sonically we would find a lot of it a retread.... the same way young folks found 'new Grunge' to be a 'new sound' in the early 90's but it really was not unlike 'old garage' of early 70's like MC5.

Lots of subjective comments on here with no facts. People put their dollars where their interests and likes are. What are the marketing figures? What kind of music is bought and by what age group? That speaks.
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