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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

I think it takes a lot more for older people to become impressed. The mechanization of music is a huge turn off to me, so anything with autotune and even click tracks leave me cold. Which is a big portion of new music. I don't really seek out much new music because I probably won't be playing any of it, so it holds no interest to me. I do seek out past masters sometimes. I want to spend any time I have listening to masters, not the pop flavor of the week.

My son will keep me a tiny bit little current on some cool new stuff. Tera Melos is his favorite band and I will admit that their playing makes my head spin, in a good way. It's math rock. Most of it is in 4/4 but it fools you into thinking it's an odd time sig with all the beat displacements and over the barline stuff.
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