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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Also, I've been using a baseball bat bag for my lightweight stuff and the handle ripped right after getting the Ludwig stands last night. LOL

I made a quick stop to Lowes to see if they had any bags that would work. I wasn't sure if the 20" tool bag would work, but it did and it's FANTASTIC! These bags are made for carrying really heavy tools and I gotta say it's built better than any hardware or even military bag I've owned. Everything is reinforced through the roof and things fit perfectly! (see pic)

Also, and I find this curious, notice how the hi-hat stand I just bought has different feet than the rest of the Atlas Classic stands I bought. The pics I've seen always show the hi-hat stand with the big feet, but mine has smaller feet. Maybe this is an early one or something? I may email Ludwig to find out.

Has anyone else seen that before?
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