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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

I am much below 40 and I do feel that younger people are more accepting maybe not appreciative. I find my age group listens to a lot more different styles etc... or at least my friends do than older people. They also often don't buy the album and listen through it a billion times though. I feel if I really appreciate an artist I generally need to listen and get into to there music but that is my perspective. Older people seem to often do this step much better but not be open to new music. I have played in 2 really heavy bands in the past an went to the shows all the time when I was not and the amount of just blatant ignorance and or hatred from older people was annoying. Now playing in a cover band that plays mostly classic rock /some oldies older people love it generally but they once again show they are not accepting by saying this is when music was good, and I am glad you young guys don't play that new crap. This is not a 100 percent because I have seen the opposite in both cases but this is my general observation.
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