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Default Re: Trick Dominator VS. Axis Longboards

Originally Posted by audiotech View Post
Here's a hint, find what you're interested in and personally play them, it's the only way to really know when your decision is correct.

Welcome to the forum.

Both are incredible pedals. And you really gotta play 'em both to get your feel.
Now unfortunately I never saw either pedal on display at GC or local drum shop. Not even one, so you'd be lucky to find both. Maybe GC special order, and exchange if not happy?

So all i could base my decision on were reviews. 2 years ago, there weren't very many reviews on the Dominator. On the Axis, your typical component breakdowns, but nothing too major. I know their U joint shaft is well made, as they also make replacements that fit other double pedals. I heard there wasn't enough "punch" or it was too light. (????) I never was able to get my feet on a pair.

I eventually went with the Dominator doubles, (even over the DW9000's - I have their single). Didn't know much about the AL13 Aerospace alloy stuff, but it's engineered nicely. Internal spring adjusts with a quick turn, adjustments galore. The sweetest component is the U joint axle. Super strong, reliable - no play. I ended up swapping the beaters with my heavier DW beaters. Stock ones are too light.
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