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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

So..... Check it out.

I ended up finding a local store that had some Atlas Classic hardware in stock. The short story is that they let me open the boxes and check everything out before purchasing. I ended up working a deal with them (just a few bucks off, nothing killer) for the hi-hat stand, straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, and snare stand.

I bought the package and went straight to rehearsal. I used the stands at rehearsal, but that's the only time I've spent with them so far.

A few VERY early observations are:

- The snare stand is much more heavy-duty than I expected. It almost doesn't fit in with the "Classic" term IMO.
- The legs on the snare stand made it impossible to use my double-pedal, which kinda stinks. I rarely use a double, but had it with me last night. I still need to try different things to see if I can make this work.
- The big rubber feet make the stands not fold up as nicely and they seem kinda silly to me, but I get how they're useful to some/most folks.
- The stands are as light as I hoped, so that's great!
- The hi-hat stand feels very nice under my foot for whatever reason. I really enjoyed playing on it!
- My snare (Acrolite Reissue) sounds better than ever on this snare stand. Even the bass player noticed it sounded better. Crazy!
- The boom stand is almost the same weight as the straight stand (not using a scale). It seems a little heavier, but it's hardly noticeable. I liked that!

They are quality stands and I'm happy I got them! Unfortunately for me, I won't really get much time with them until this weekend, since I have things going on every night this week. But so far, I'm digging them!

Thanks everyone!
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