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Default Re: Trick Dominator VS. Axis Longboards

Originally Posted by RickP View Post
I owned a Trick Pro1V and an Axis X Longboard, I no longer own the Trick Pro 1V. I could never get to like the feel of the Pro1V the beater feels heavier as you get closer to impact on the batter head. It always felt heavy to me. It is an extremely well manufactured pedal just not for me.

The Axis X longboard was purchased new and the. Oly thing I have changed since I took it out of the ox is the beater. I swapped the stock beater for a Danmar Zoro signature square felt beater. This is a really smooth pedal with a light feel, which I prefer ( some people don't).
This pedal is used for my rehearsals and Rock gigs. i use a Sonor Perfect Balance Pedal for my jazz and Blues gigs.
Funny thing about feel...Im just the opposite. Sold my Axis after about 2 weeks of fiddling with it, getting hit with the hammer on top of my feet and just thought it felt too light. The Trick is for me.

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