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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Young people, and musicians, can appreciate music far better than anyone else, age notwithstanding, for reasons too obvious to need to go into.
Captain Obvious here - I'm guessing you mean that when you're young everything is fresh and new and an exciting journey of discovery. I think that feeling imbues young musicians with a certain exciting and excited quality that us oldies can't replicate.

But then again, age brings greater control and breadth of experience, so we do pick up something on the roundabouts that we lost on the swings.

Before music became free they say that most sales were to young people (often with their parents' money). Music is so much more important socially when you're young. As a rule (and rules can be broken) you don't see many non-muso older people obsessing about music the way young people do.

Often young people use music taste to define who they are within social groups (dare I say "cliques" :). When our tastes change as we age, it's often that we discard the music we embraced more for social than sonic reasons.

As for the older generation being closed minded to new music, that HAS to happen. New generations of youth seek to define and express themselves via music, and they want music that relates to them NOW, not what was relevant to teens 30 years ago. So it's important to them to depart from the old ways, which of course means the music feels almost purpose built to irritate those of their parents' generation.

Rest assured, afd100, no matter how hard you try you will find the music of your children's generation:

1) a steal of something you heard 10-40 years ago

2) lack the musical attributes that you valued at their age

3) having sonic qualities that you will consider harsh and insensitive.

That story's been played out for a lot longer than I've been alive. Your kids' generation will then tell you that your generation is closed minded ...


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