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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Two Ludwig accessories are in the catalog called Aerodyne Scissor Lifts, long and short.
Two tilter clamps also.
The 2013 catalog is downloadable (wouldn't attach) from the Ludwig site.

Pics of the new Gull Wing style legs would probably be on their Facebook page, along with the new rail mount deal.
The spurs are pretty dang cool, sort of look like the Dunnett/Ayotte spurs with that bullet looking end. The Ludwig spurs will adjust to lift the front of the drum up a LOT.

All this stuff mounts off the Atlas tom/leg mount. Kevin Packard said those mounts would be available in July.

They also had a BD ride cymbal mount that was (if I can explain it right) one of those boom arm holding pieces (the round thing the boom arm goes in), attached a tube with a height adjustment, then the top section of a straight tilter. Basically the middle, and top sections of the straight FB stand with a clamp at the bottom to clamp onto any 1/2" rod coming out of the Atlas tom mount.

Sorry to derail the Flat Base topic...

Airborne, is that boom stand wobbly with the cymbal arm out that far?

I use my FB's just as straights, not sure I'd trust a 24 on a FB boom.
When we play outdoor gigs, I bring the lighter tubed DW stands. They are lighter than the regular DW stands, but just as sturdy.
Awesome Sonor kit BTW!

Edit...forget the blah blah on the explanation I gave... here's a video! The stuff I was talking about is quick in the beginning, but at 58 seconds it shows the stuff pretty close up. The Supralite 6.5 was my favorite sounding snare of the show!
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