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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

Originally Posted by afd100 View Post
The wording of the bold part seems a bit confusing to me. Are you asking if there's a difference in whether more or less music is being purchased and seen live by either age group?
To be blunt, more live shows are still being seen by 'older folks' by the OP's definition.
More music, and moreso more diverse music, being purchased by older folks. I mean how many Maroon 5 or Gaga fans are into 'world music' of any kind? Or jazz?

I agree with assessments above (say like Bo's) that older folks have seen it all before, because they have lived longer. I agree with 8mile too, there is a lot of new great music coming out. Like movies, some of it is re-tread, some not. Simply put though, the 'older folks' have less time for it, they are living lives and making livings. As a teen I was at the record shop every damn Saturday, often more, but as a worker/parent etc. who has time for that.....and what is a record shop anyway, lol?
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