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Default Re: Coming back around...kits inside

Finally, we have my church's kit. It belongs to them, but because I'm the primary drummer and the one who plays it and maintains it, I consider it a little bit mine. Also, they had a Yamaha Stage Custom kit, which I sold and bought this one...yeah, I put in a little of my own money to make that happen, so again, it's their kit, but I feel some ownership of it.

Pearl Masters MCX in Black Sparkle Fade


5x14 Pearl Mirror Chrome Steel Shell snare drum.

Pearl hardware pack out of the new Export kit (830 series, with 930 Demonator pedal)

14" Zildjian New Beat Hats
18" Zildjian Avedis Fast Crash
21" Zildjian Avedis Sweet Ride
16" Zildjian Avedis Fast Crash

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