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Default Coming back around...kits inside

I've been absent from this board for awhile, but seasons have changed and I should be here for awhile now. I figured I'd re-introduce myself with some pics of my kits.

First up is my Pearl SRX Session Custom Maple in Carbon Mist.

The 14" and 16" toms were hanging when I got the kit, so I ordered brackets and legs from Pearl and drilled them myself (very carefully!) All toms swapped to Mastercast hoops.

The snare is a 6.5x14 Pork Pie BOB with die cast hoops and 30 strand Puresound Custom wires. The goal here was to mimic the Paradise Drums "Hitmaker".

13" Zildjian K hats
18" Zildjian Rarities K Custom Session signed by Steve Gadd
22" Zilco
20" K Custom Dark
(Sometimes an 8" Avedis thin splash)

Yamaha 700 series hardware.

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