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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

The "branching out" is the accessories they have, like the 2 different cymbal arms that attach to ft legs, the bass drum mounted ride cymbal attachment. Stuff like that. I saw some stuff at the Chicago show in May. Some is out, some is available in July, so it's coming up.
They may show pics in the Atlas section on the Ludwig site.

I only had a couple Gibraltar FB straights, and the snare stand, and they're sturdy.
I actually just used the Gib FB straight stands to make other things out of them, so I never used them as a stand. The snare stand was used as a snare stand.

Like I said, I use my 24 as a crash ride, it's not super low and I crash it a lot. It never moves on either the Ludwig or DW stand.
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