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Default Re: Jim Black on Ari Hoenig

Originally Posted by Griener View Post
By control I mean a certain kind of flawless execution which you only will get when you know EXACTLY what you're going to play beforehand.
I'd rather hear somebody go for it and fail and I'm especially interested in what happens after the "failing" part.
Young Tony did it a lot, older Tony not quite as much, but still.
I'd rather hear an emotional involvement than a presentation of things practiced.
Of course you need a highly developed control for that as well, but you shouldn't shy away from things you can't control to the Nth degree.
For me, the place for that kind of infallibility is in commercial work; I don't think it makes the best art. I need there to be some kind of edge; I can't get interested if I feel like I'm just hearing somebody amazing run down a technology he's perfected.

Hey, Todd
Berlin in November is most likely kind of cold, around 46 Degree Fahrenheit. But Berlin is definitely worth a trip.
I will be out of town after the 23rd for a little tour with Tony Malaby in Switzerland (You can't make any money in Berlin playing gigs), but I could set you up to meet some of my favorite Berlin musicians when you're planning to come.
I'll send you an email.
A little nicer than Portland, in other words-- thanks, man, that would be great! Let's be in touch. And nice gig there with Malaby-- that'll be fun.
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