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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

I 100% agree with the premise.

And 100% disagree. All the at the same time. Ha!

The agree part: I know numerous people who essentially don't listen to anything different than they did when they were teenagers. Their weekends are spent essentially trying to re-live their late teens and early 20's.

Most bands as they age always face the same dilemma: their fans only want to hear the old stuff. Be it Rush, Ozzy, Paul McCartney, The Who, whomever, etc, it's the old hits that get the best response when played live, and fan interviews are always peppered with questions of "are you going to play old stuff on this tour?" Every original band either becomes a nostalgia act or breaks up, or breaks up and then re-forms as a nostalgia act later on. There are artists and bands out there who make a living simply playing their hits from 30 years ago, and don't bother with new material because no one will buy it anyway.

Where I'll disagree:
I noticed with many of my parents generation, as they aged, they took on new interests in classical and/or jazz, or gospel or such. Which may not have been new music, but it was new to them.

For myself I'm often finding myself appreciating a band or album I never payed much attention to before. Maybe it's a song that I've heard on the radio a million times that I never cared for will suddenly trigger a light bulb and I'll get it.

More likely though, it's something new. With the inventions of myspace, youtube and especially spotify, I'm constantly digging through the internet looking for new and interesting bands. Most of my favorite albums of the past 5 years are bands I never heard of before then. I just bought an album yesterday from a German band I had never heard of before.

The world is now open to listening to. With spotify, I can type in a band I like, hit the "related artists" button and find something I like. Then hit the "related artists" button of that band and eventually stumble upon a whole new world of bands. I might find something that really hits me, and I'll google who the band is and it might just turn out it's something a kid in some far corner of the world recorded in his basement.

Overall, I have a far more diverse album collection now that I'm over 40 than I did at as a 20-something.
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