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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Originally Posted by evilg99 View Post
Hey Sarge.
I have a full set of the Ludwig Atlas Classic flat based stands, and a full set of the Gibraltar flat based stands, both including hi hat stands. I have a couple of the DW flat based stands too. Guess I a pretty flat based guy. :)

I say you can't go wrong with any of it, it's all good.
I have had the Gibby hi hat stand for quite a while and I must have the 'newer one' because I never understood why others had issues with it.
Here's a few of my observations :

- Yes the DW stands are pricier and a bit heavier...but well done as usual. If you like the DW cymbal tilter lever thingy, then these are for you.

- The Ludwig stands have the reversible rubber feet so you can 'weave' the legs on top of each other. Can't say that I had a problem with the normal rubber feet, and in fact I paid $5 for the normal rubber feet so that the hi hat stand would fold up more compactly.

- I had to get out my tube cutter and cut down the upper tube on my Ludwig hi hat stand; it was too tall and wouldn't go down to a comfortable height. I determined that this was a flaw in mine with the help of another member here on Drumerworld....he made some careful measurements. I could have returned mine but my local store had no more stock so I opted to fix it myself. I also opted for a shorter (DW actually) clutch rod.

- The wing nuts on the top of some of my Ludwig cymbal stands don't thread very smoothly. Small point I know, just noticed this.

- The Gibraltar stands are the lightest of the bunch, (not by much)...but I have had one (of three) Gibraltar cymbal stand starting to show premature signs of wear. Dents, and a very small bit of rust from some chrome pitting. Overall, the chroming is probably best on the Ludwigs.

- I like that the Gibraltar cymbal stands' cymbal tilter can be 'offset' on the left or right of the center post. Kinda hard to explain, look at it closely.

All three cymbal stands have gear-less infinite tilters.

I had the Ludwig Atlas Classic bass drum pedal as well - the one with no base plate - but returned it 'cause I didn't like the feel so much and I despise pedals that make you use a drum key to attach them to the hoop.

Again, I don't think there is a wrong choice here. I pointed out a few small things about each because all three brands are very similar in quality and can find the DW stuff for a good price if you look hard enough. Ultimately, the small things that appeal to you will be what will sway you in a particular direction.

Let us know which way you go and why!

Dang Neal, that was very helpful! Thanks man!
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