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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

I have a long-winded theory about why this is, but I think there's something to what you say.

When we get older, unless we're in the music biz or extremely passionate about music, we're probably too busy with other things in life to stay on top of the incredibly fast-moving current music scene. Most people's favorite music is associated with coming-of-age events like adolescence. I think a study was done and it showed that most people's favorite music came out when they were around age 14.

I make an effort to check out what's new, even the pop "crap," just to have a frame of reference. That stuff interests me. My favorite music was made before I was born, but new stuff still wows me. There's a lot of great music being made, it's just not on top-40 radio.
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