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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

I'm 44. I like music with a good vibe. I just get tired of all that negative stuff, but mostly it's the singing. I still like a good Metal riff, but like jazz, I just get tired of it really quick. I don't like any of the newer country music. I prefer the old C&W type classics. I have 20 gigs of music on my computer and it ranges from Bleeding Through and Lamb of God all the way to The Skatellites and Classical, and a whole lotta in-between, But, yeah, mostly you're right. We get set in our ways. I know an older guy who only listens to the Beach Boys and he's been this way for decades. Haha. Another friend of mine only likes Tom Petty for the most part. He's only 36.

But when I was in my teens and twenties I bought a heck of a lot more music than I do now. Some of that crap is better left in the 80's and 90's, like Metallica's first album. It just seems so primitive now, but put on Reign in Blood, and I'm enjoying it. Then I'll put it away for a couple or few years. hehehe.

On the other hand, I jam with some older guys on the weekend and they play a lot of stuff I've never even heard before, but not new music, except for the originals which are written by my friend who is 47 and his buddy who is in his late 60's.
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