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Default Re: Can younger people appreciate music better than people of an advanced age?

I don't think its dumb, rather a decent inquiry. I will guess from your post that you are younger, and probably have a parent that at one time or another refer to your music as crap, noise, not music, etc. Or possibly they would make fun of some aspect of it, like my father used to constantly tell me "I can't understand what they are singing. Are you sure that it is in fact really singing?" He would then run off making grunting sounds in a similar rhythm that the song was in.

I am not quite at the age group you categorize, but I'm almost there (37). I try really hard to be accepting of newer music, and I'll tell you that sometimes it just isn't easy. My daughter is 14, and some of the stuff she listens to just grates my ears. I can put up with (to an extent) Lady Gaga, but I swear if I hear Gagnam Style one more time I will start shooting. It's not the type of music, it's not the lyrics being in another language, it's not even that it's trendy, and I hate trendy. It's because I'm getting older and I expect better from music.

The days of music creation from my generation are mostly gone. The things I enjoy in a song (that isn't metal, I never get tired of metal) aren't there anymore. It isn't what I knew, nor will it be. Like every form of art, music changes as the crowd who create it are consistently younger as I get older, and its appeals and needs have also changed with the times.

As we get older, we have a tendency to reflect on "the good old days", and music that we enjoyed as a kid can for a moment take us back to that place. New music doesn't do that. It just becomes part of our daily routine, and while sometimes a new song can spark a feeling of enjoyment, it isn't what we know and love. It doesn't spark that awe we felt as young people when something new came out.

This is why old guys have a need for old cars, and play in cover bands that reflect the music of their day. It's what they (we) know and love.
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