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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

I have to agree with Bo. I own 2 Gibraltar flat base stands, 1 straight and 1 boom. I have had the same issues with tipping on the boom stand when I tried to put my ride over my bass drum. 20" El Sabor ride too, nothing heavy. I remedied this by reducing the length of the boom arm and positioning it parallel with one of the legs. I have had no such issues with the straight stand although I don't gig anywhere near as much as Bo does.

I do love the reduced weight. I had been using a Tama road pro that I got off Craigslist and the weight was quite the pain in the posterior.

I'm actually thinking of switching to some single braced Yamaha stuff so hit me up if you're looking to trade for some gear.
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