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Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
I'll see you two and raise you Arizona. We have Scorpions, Black Widows, Cyotes, Diamondback rattlers (which our baseball team is named after) plus some of the loosest gun laws in the country, some of the craziest drivers and a large retirement population. Add an unhealthy dose of 100+ deg. F summers and you have one sad place to live.
We have scorpions and coyotes too, but you hardly ever see them so I forgot they are here. You have us on the heat too I think. It gets to 100+ but its typically end of July/August/early September then it drops back off. Honestly I don't even notice the heat anymore.

You win with the bagpipes!!!!!

As for gun laws, Arkansas is incredibly gun friendly and gun law loose. My AR-15 lower is from Arizona. Gilbert if I remember correctly.
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