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Well, I've been using this combo for a long time (g2 coated/g1 clear), but my problem is with 12" tom. Sometimes sounds kinda dull, especially hearing it in front of the drums. Got some recommendations? Should I go for G12 (GPlus)? Or clear version? Tom is 12"x9" 6ply maple. My 16"x16" is working great though.
You might have a bad head. I ran into quite a few (new) G2 clear and coated Evans heads that were dead. If the head is dead, it doesn't matter how good a drum tuner you are, it's just going to sound very lifeless in comparison to a head that was properly manufactured. I would give that 12" drum another chance by taking the tension down to nothing, re-seating the head and start the tensioning process again. I must have taken three or four heads back to the Five Star shop where I bought them and I have another two that has to go back.

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