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Default Re: Flat-Base Hardware - DW vs. Ludwig vs. Gibraltar

Originally Posted by brady View Post
No, I actually don't have a complete flat-base set.

I have a standard hi-hat stand, the 5607, along with the 9606 Ultra-Adjust snare stand.

I'm not sure what issues the flat hi-hat stand may have had...or has. Stability, maybe?
I guess I actually only saw a single negative review of the Gibraltar flat-base hi-hat stand, but then noticed right away they had a new version. I kinda put those together to say there was something wrong with the old version, but that's obviously not necessarily true.

I'm kinda OCD about my hardware matching too, which is why I have all Yamaha stuff at the moment. The Yamaha stuff kicks butt and I have no intention of replacing it, but I want another full set to keep in my truck for rehearsals and gigs.

The Gibraltar stuff sure is priced right compared to the others.

Gibraltar also has a telescoping hi-hat stand that interests me alot.

Is the 5607 hi-hat stand working out well for you? Is it light and sturdy enough for a not-so-hard hitter like myself?
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