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Default Re: Looking for Syndrum wav samples

SamplePad is the way to go both pricewise and ease of use. Although it has only 14mb ram and plays mono samples only, it's very simple to budget that space (for example, use just one Syndrum sample, and pitch it diofferently on each pad.) Anyway, 14mb is about 3 min of CD quality sound, that's quite a lot in terms of drum hits and sound effects!

For samples, there are inexpensive CD-ROMs with "legacy" drum/synth sounds, might be a good investment once you have a sample playback device in your aresenal. :) Or just source a Syndrum hit online.

Some of the higher-end Roland TD modules have Syndrum type sounds with adjustments. If you can borrow one, that would be a good way to tailor the sounds (and grab a bunch more!)

Good luck!

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