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Hi wizard sticks,

Originally Posted by wizard sticks View Post
Weckl is technically amazing, but he is part of the fusion thing that leaves me and many others cold.

I have never heard Weckl on anything 'normal' myself. Didn't he play for Madonna?
I used to share the same view as you. He plays far too many notes and etc and etc... "It's fusion, but I like something more normal." I respected him a lot but fusion was too alien.

Years later I bought his Multiplicity album and really loved it. The music isn't the kind that is "fusion for the sake of fusion", but more about what serves the songs. It is evident that the musicians, not just Weckl, chose their licks and solo ideas tastefully.

Ever since, fusion has become my thing. At first I didn't bother learning to play it because I said to myself "it's too damn hard". But then I thought "Ok I'll start from ground up if it's too damn hard - let's start from jazz". I never heard of jazz at the time and diving straight into John Coltrane + Elvin Jones made the experience more alien than fusion. But I pulled through, over a few years' span... Now I dig jazz. I dig funk. Rock. Prog-rock. Metal. Fusion. Reggae. Still learning the Latin taste but getting there.

All I've got to say man, is any music, not just fusion, may not be everyone's thing at first impression, but once you get what it's about, you find yourself in a whole new world. I still listen to my good ol' Rush and other stuff from time to time, but the thing that's changed is my song library just increased substantially. And I seem to be able to express myself better on the drum set. I still put heavy emphasis on grooves, but a basic groove is like a cake without icing and cream. The subtleties decorates the cake and make it taste better. It's like I still enjoy mom's home-baked cakes without the icing and cream, they have a different taste to those in the shops. But the ones in the shops have their own unique taste too... If you get what I mean. (Arguable to say which is better though, I'm not a picky eater/listener.)

I recently got into romantic, classical, baroque, renaissance, medieval era (plain chant) music. No drums in them at all. (It's kind of funny how I like genres in a reversed chronological fashion.) Although for the avant-garde (John Cage) stuff, I sort of get it but not really my cup of tea.

Dave Weckl's music changed my life, man. I owe it to this genius. Even though at first I didn't like the so-called "overplaying".
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