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Default Re: Jim Black on Ari Hoenig

Thanks you guys, glad that was near the mark. I don't see the negativity in Black's remarks that some of you do. Whatever criticisms he makes are heavily qualified, he praises the players' talent more than once, and makes it clear that he is only speaking to his own taste. He's addressing real, and difficult, things, and I'm glad to hear him speak about themó I think his words were well chosen.

Originally Posted by gretsch-o-rama View Post
Im sorry but this quote coming from Jim Black (whom I have heard) to negatively critique Hoenig is almost laughable...Hoenig has to be one of the best Jazz drummers in the world today...Jim Black is most certainly not. So, I think care needs to be taken when looking up at people because it's easy to come off as coming from a jealous/insecure place. It reminds me of "those who can play it will, those who can't, teach" even though that's not entirely applicable here...
All I can say is that Black has been absolutely killing it since I saw him a couple of times with Tim Berne back in, I don't know, 1990? 91?, and I last saw him play a few months ago and he's still absolutely killing. He's not as big a name in drummer-land as some people, but he's as good as anybody.

Hey, Michael! How's the weather in Berlin in late November? I've got a few free days at the end of my next thing, and I need to go somewhere...
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