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Anthony Amodeo
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Default Re: Jim Black on Ari Hoenig

Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post
Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?! Jim Black has been in this game way longer than Ari Hoenig has, to just set a quick precedent. Secondly, it very much seems to me like you have never even heard either of these people play. Unless you're picking up on some strange undercurrent, there is really not much of a similarity between these two musicians (especially one significant enough to claim that one IS everything the other WANTS to be. That is one of the most laughable quotes I have ever heard on here. Explain yourself!

yeah that statement was a bit overboard

sometimes my emotions get the best of me

still think what Jim said was arrogant and ignorant

I suspect he knew exactly who he was hearing and due to the fact that Ari seems to get more respect and recognition locally where they both reside he felt the need to throw a dig out in print......thats where the WANTS to be statement came from ....nothing to with with their playing being similar

they are very aware of each other and each others playing

....yes I have heard both of them play....for many years.....and have been around both of them many many times

all NYC musicians rub elbows at one point or another
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